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Craft Beer Haven

​With the exploding Craft Beer industry Midway has always proudly supported the local Breweries. We are the pioneers of Craft Beers in Denton. We carry all the Seasonals and limited varieties of brew and keep you updated so you know when your beer is in.


Presentation is Evertything. Get the best beer experience with selection of Glasswares. Steins? Goblets? Flutes ? Stange? Tumblers? Weize? Tulip? Snifter? Pilsners Or Pints? Fret Not, we have it all!

Nothing says Celebration like a bottle of fine wine.  Check out our collection from the finest vineyards around the world-Napa to Chile!


Weekdays ​

From 5-7 pm​

We are after all still a Convenience Store so you can still fill up your car and stop for Premium and Discount Cigarettes, Tobacco, Cigars, Lottery, ATM and Money Orders.  Check out our Specialty T-shirts!

Gift Cards:

Choose a Gift Card that is sure to please any Beer Lover!

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